Our Martial Arts

At WKFA, we practice Shaolin Five Animal Kung-Fu.

The techniques in the system are based on the movements of the traditional animals:

The Tiger teaches us strength.
The Leopard teaches us power.
The Snake teaches us suppleness and rhythmic endurance.
The Crane teaches us grace and fluidic harmony.
The Dragon teaches us to ride the wind.

The footwork and striking of our system also share common principles with kickboxing technique and theory.

New students come from many different walks of life and ranges of physical abilities; the emphasis is on the direction the student is going with a focus on self-improvement—individual attention from instructors helps accomplish this over the course of a student’s journey. Our style of kung-fu will help the student develop mentally as well.

The curriculum is taught in a systematic manner, starting with the fundamentals and traditional stances, and adding techniques, sequences, and forms as the student becomes ready and progresses through the ranks. The curriculum is dynamic, exciting and simultaneously works to develop important physical attributes, including both aerobic and anaerobic endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.

The classes are structured to enhance hand-eye co-ordination and body awareness. The practice of our curriculum is a mindful activity that requires concentration; to help facilitate this, each class begins with a brief period of meditation. Each class ends with an inspirational quote that is tied to the theme for that month. The Kwoon is set-up and classes are conducted in a manner that lends itself to focusing on training; for example, cell phones are to be turned off within the school.

Throughout our system, students study: forms, self-defence, sparring and kung-fu techniques.

Our forms, similar to ‘Kata’ in the karate style, are a culmination of kung-fu techniques and stances put together into defensive movement. Our system of self-defence teaches the student based upon a ‘continuum of response’, whereby students learn strategies to avoid such situations followed by learning defence strategies to less threatening attacks graduating to life threatening situations.

Our sparring system is not to be confused with “fighting” as it is a partner exercise. It helps the student develop the physical and, even more importantly, the psychological skills and confidence to deal with self-defence or hostile encounters. At WKFA, our system of sparring is first introduced through the teaching of proper footwork and correct technique at the novice level. Next shadow boxing and bag work are taught, eventually followed by training with partners. Partner training (sparring) is introduced once the student has demonstrated a sufficient level of responsibility and control. All sparring is adequately supervised by black sash instructors.

Not limited to certain sizes, fitness levels and types of people, WKFA’s versatility, curriculum and progression makes kung-fu accessible to all.

Preparation: Before training in the Kwoon (also known as Dojo in the Karate style), students are provided an overview of the curriculum and the Academy Rules and Kwoon Etiquette.

The principles of respect, discipline, and spirit are reinforced throughout the student’s training.

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