Our Kwoon – Training Facility

Our Kwoon (translates to “training facility”) includes a spacious, fully equipped training area.

Weight and Warm-up Room: The Academy also includes a weight/warm-up room and a viewing room for visitors and parents.

Change Rooms with Showers: Change rooms include clean showers and plenty of space.

What our Students are saying…

Our son has felt quite good about attending classes in person, which I’m really pleased about. Overall, he’s been cautious about going out and wanting to avoid exposure to the virus. However, you’re running things in a way that is helping him feel comfortable.

I’ve been so impressed by how you have navigated this very difficult season. You are modelling perseverance, adaptability, care, and excellent communication. It is a great example to students and parents alike.” WKFA Parent, Aug 13, 2020


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