As a father and husband whose family is involved in kung-fu, I can certainly attest to several of the benefits I see from their participation. First and foremost, it’s a holistic path to excellent health and a great way to keep in shape. It is a physically demanding activity, but nothing that someone can’t accomplish without the requisite hard work.

For our children, I especially like the fact that it’s not just the techniques that are taught. Rather, they learn a great deal about discipline, dedication, and the value of hard work. The values learned at Kung-fu further support the values we instill at home.

The criteria for success are clearly laid out; students know exactly what they need to work on to move to the next belt or sash level. This gives them a specific goal to work towards, and when they are successful at a grading, it’s clear that they are very proud of their accomplishments. It’s great to see them meet their goal, and then immediately start working on the next one.