Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Sifu’s Corner

I want to talk about exciting upcoming events and our recent renovations. I won’t be reviewing any films like I did in my last article, however, Free Solo did just win an Oscar. Just saying. Speaking of the Academy Awards, we held our own version at the Schwaben Club on February 9th. Congratulations to all the award winners! The event was a lot of fun. We were treated to a very entertaining set by our Performance Team. You’ll have another chance to see them this year at the CKKA Banquet on March 30th.

Our Academy is the host school for the 13th Annual CKKA Convention weekend, VERY nearby us at the Inn of Waterloo. We have been working hard to put together a great weekend of martial arts that features a tournament, seminars and banquet/dance with performances. We hope to have a high level of participation from the local Kung Fu schools this year (especially ours). Be sure to check out this year’s logo and T-shirt designed by our very own (and skilled) Chad Seip, from Blackmont Solutions. This event is attended by martial artists throughout North America and we are very much looking forward to showcasing the best Waterloo has to offer!

Our popular Five Animal March Break camp is coming up fast. Remember that you can sign up for the full week or individual days. Also, please keep Saturday, April 27th reserved in your calendars, as this will be our annual in-house tournament (Shiai).

We’re just wrapping up the most significant renovations in our 30+ year history. All the flooring in the lobby, weight room and offices was replaced, lots of paint was added and freshened up and our Weight Room was modified. The modifications were made to increase space, safety and provide a level of sound proofing. Additions include gym-style flooring, a sound system and monitor, a special heavy bag and a water bottle filler. A major part of this renovation was sealing off the doors to the kwoon, changing the doorway near the entrance into a window, and adding a door inside the gateway.

With these changes, here are a few guidelines to keep our Academy safe, clean and functional:

  • While wearing wet/snowy footwear, please try and stay on the lobby floor mats.
  • Non-students are welcome upstairs or only on the grey Eco-Grip flooring in the lobby, which is designed for safety and durability. The laminate under the gateway is reserved for students. Typically, if an instructor sees a non-student under the entrance gateway, they assume it is for something urgent.
  • Especially with the addition of the monitor in the viewing room upstairs, please observe classes from inside this room to keep the top of the stairway safe and clear and the class free from any distractions.
  • Garbage, recycling and lost and found bins are in the main lobby.

2019 Renovation in Progress