Youth Student’s Corner

by Chantal Moylan
Fu For You Fall 2023

​Uniforms have been an important part of Kung Fu tradition all around the world for centuries. They show that you belong at our Kung Fu school, represent tradition and show respect. Uniforms can give you confidence and they show equality between all the students. That is why it is important to wear our belts and uniforms correctly.

Our uniforms show which school we belong to. Our t-shirts have our school name on them, as well as two of the five animals that we focus on in our style of Five- Animal Shaolin Kung Fu. Students are expected to have the full uniform by the time they achieve their first belt. Our belts are also an important part of our uniform. The belt signifies our hard work and rank, and they should be treated with respect. This means not leaving your belt on the ground, keeping it clean and making sure you keep it in a safe space when you aren’t wearing it.  Your belt should also be properly worn.

Figuring out how to wear your uniform correctly can be confusing at first. If you look at your Kung Fu pants you should see a string on the inside of them that you can tie to tighten your pants. This string should be on the front of you when you put your pants on and should always be tucked inside of your pants. You should never put the string in your mouth or play with it during classes. For your Kung Fu shirt, the side with the tiger and dragon on it should be on the back. At Kung Fu we always tuck uniform t-shirt into our pants because it looks neat, clean and signifies respect.  It is important to make sure you also wear the uniform properly even if you don’t have a belt.

Another thing that can be confusing is which side your form and grading stripes should be on once your belt is tied. The stripes are meant to be on the right side of your belt. It can be tricky to get the stripes on the right side of your belt when you tie it but there is an easy trick to help you. If you start with the side of the belt that has the stripes on it on the left side of your body when you tie it they should end up on the right side. Tying your belt can be tricky when you start out so you can also check out the video we have on our website.  Learning to tie your own belt is expected once you receive your first form stripe at Red Belt (practicing at home can help with this skill!)

Show up to class with the proper attire, shirt tucked in, and your belt tied. Make sure your uniform stays clean and you always know where your belt is. This shows respect to yourself, your teachers and keeps up the long tradition in martial arts.