Membership Fees

Our one-time Two-Month Trial Membership offers you the opportunity to experience Shaolin Five Animal Kung-Fu at our Academy.

For information on current monthly membership rates and payment options, please call or stop by the academy.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

Two-Month Trial Membership Fees

Adult $229.00 + HST
High school, college or university students.
$219.00 + HST
Ages 6-10
$208.00 + HST
Ages 11-14
$208.00 + HST
Ages 4-5
Our “Little Ninjas”.
$153.00 + HST

Families: First family member (an adult, if applicable) pays full amount; second receives a 15% discount; additional members receive a 25% discount.

Payment Options: Payment methods include cash, cheque, and Email Money Transfer. Payments may be made up-front, or as installments for a small administration fee.


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