What our Students are Saying…

Jennifer R.

The Waterloo Kung Fu Academy was our top choice after researching which martial arts facility to join in the KW area.

The Academy is very welcoming and helpful for students starting a new discipline. The instructors are excellent teachers and the student/instructor ratio is better than anything we have seen before. There is a genuine care for the students and their development; my daughter has thrived mentally and physically since beginning her program. The facility is very clean and professional.

I would strongly encourage a visit and would highly recommend this business!

Max H. Age 12

When I started at nine years old, I knew that in the long-term, I would benefit from kung-fu a lot. I needed to be more active as I was playing only seasonal ball hockey at the time. After 2 1/2 years I see myself to be very fit now.

I appreciate what kung-fu has done for my health as far as endurance, strength and flexibility…What I am learning in kung-fu transfers into everyday life….

I really do enjoy kung-fu and I hope to learn as much as I can from each one of my teachers as they guide me through valuable lessons and tests to come that will be kung-fu journey.

Sneha M. Age 12

At the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy, it’s not just some building that you train kung-fu in. It becomes a second home to you. I itch with anticipation for my classes because you don’t just train here, your friends are here. They support you and care for you and you eventually realize you’re part of a family. When things come difficult, instructors, friends and everyone will help you to overcome the obstacle. The focus, detail and dedication of others in the Academy starts to flow into everything else you do – school, home…anything. You’re not just part of an Academy…you’re part of a family too.

Cristina P-B. Age 14

The Academy and everyone in it consistently challenge me to become better than I was yesterday. The Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy has made me a stronger person; not only physically, but mentally and socially too. It has really impacted my life!

Waterloo Ravens

Thanks for teaching us lots of skills that will help us win our hockey games and the ability to focus on our game. We also may use some moves to help us in the warm-up and maybe scare off some of our opponents. Thank you.

Jack F. Age 11

When I am doing kung-fu, I feel peaceful, relaxed, happy and good. I feel these emotions, because at kung-fu I feel welcome, and nice. Kung-fu means a lot to me because I love doing it. I love the forms, the techniques, sparring, and I really feel passionate about it.

Reid E. Age 12, training for nine years

Along my kung-fu journey I have found out that with hard work comes great achievements….Being a part of this family has brought me courage and a very high self esteem. I have learned how to avoid being bullied and how to defend myself in a real self-defense situation.

Zubair S. Age 24

When I began searching for a martial arts school, I registered for a one-time intro class to a number of schools. WKFA’s initial experience was by far the best. I was satisfied with the facilities they offered and in the session itself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that class began with a meditation session. The meditation session perfectly aligned with some of the reasons for why I wanted to start kung-fu in the first place.

Chris D. Age 34

I am a father and a husband, and I feel that is important to be able to protect my family in addition to myself. While I believe that most people in the world are good people, it is inevitable that there will always be a few who are not, and they may pose a risk to our safety. I can therefore say with certainty that number one reason I chose to study kung-fu is to be able to protect myself and my family.

Sarah B. Age 14

Through my experience at kung-fu I’ve made tonnes of great friends, had such fun times, and really have learned to open up and put myself out there more….the gradings have taught me that, if you work hard, practice and do your best, you can accomplish any difficult task in front of you. When I first heard how long and tough the gradings were, I was nervous that I would fail; but by applying the lessons that kung-fu has taught me as well as a lot of training, I was able to be successful.

Chris F.

As a father and husband whose family is involved in kung-fu, I can certainly attest to several of the benefits I see from their participation. First and foremost, it’s a holistic path to excellent health and a great way to keep in shape. It is a physically demanding activity, but nothing that someone can’t accomplish without the requisite hard work.

For our children, I especially like the fact that it’s not just the techniques that are taught. Rather, they learn a great deal about discipline, dedication, and the value of hard work. The values learned at Kung-fu further support the values we instill at home.

The criteria for success are clearly laid out; students know exactly what they need to work on to move to the next belt or sash level. This gives them a specific goal to work towards, and when they are successful at a grading, it’s clear that they are very proud of their accomplishments. It’s great to see them meet their goal, and then immediately start working on the next one.

John S.

As new students to Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy, Anne, Graham and I really have noticed a positive peaceful energy in the Academy. Nowadays it seems everyone gets so busy and wrapped up in their own journeys, we seldom celebrate the journeys of others. Not so at your Academy. As I am learning, everyone else in the Academy classes is on a new journey that they are challenged by as well. We learn as a group with the support of all the sash levels.

The welcoming and supportive nature of the students and instructors in all groups, has been a blessing. Sifu Dave, you are doing a great job and there really is a great energy about you and the way you teach. I never had the honour of meeting Sigung Bob, but I am sure he would be proud! Keep up the great work!

Kimberley Z.

I chose the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy because it is a school of tradition. I wanted to train at a school that carries the traditional Chinese learning attitude, which is, obey and respect my teachers and my peers, which the Western schools often do not emphasize.

I chose WKFA also because of its great reputation in the Waterloo region.

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