Adult-All Classes

Beginner and sash level classes to meet your level of progress.

Classes organized by sash level ensure adult students are learning at their curriculum level along with their peers. Mixed classes enable all students to train together, introducing Novice II-level students to additional training opportunities, while ensuring that all students continue to strengthen the fundamentals of kung-fu. Novice Level students learn from Intermediate/Advanced students while enabling more advanced students to develop their leadership skills.

Adult Classes are grouped as follows:

  • Novice I – Adult Beginner
  • Mixed, in which all adult students are combined.

Sash level classes:

  • Novice II (Red, Yellow, Orange Sash)
  • Intermediate (Green)
  • Advanced (Blue, Brown, Black Sash)

After attending 6 of the Adult Beginner Novice I classes, students are welcome to also attend any of the adult daytime classes.

Adult classes are open to all teens and adults 15 years and older.

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Adult Student's Corner

Fu-For-You Articles & Important News

Focus Point #3: Train As If It Were Real

At its core Kung Fu stems from an incredibly practical place, a need to defend oneself. It is important to remember that every movement we practice while training has some real-world application.

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Enjoy the Journey

It’s important to think about where you want to go, but it’s equally important to experience, and hopefully enjoy, the process of getting there.

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The Kung Fu Summer

The Summer of Kung Fu is soon to be upon us, use it for the opportunity it is and make some great gains in your Kung Fu journey.

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