Women’s Only Classes

Women of all abilities are welcome to attend our Women’s Only Class!

Train in Privacy

Out of public view, women train in a welcoming, safe, and active learning environment. For your added comfort and privacy, Academy doors are locked during this class time. Classes are taught and assisted by experienced female instructors.

Progress at Your Own Pace

Participants learn the WKFA Shaolin Five Animal Kung-Fu curriculum, which includes self-defence, kung-fu techniques, and kung-fu forms. Over time, women progress through the curriculum at your own pace and ability, developing flexibility, fitness, focus, confidence, and skill.

Pre-School Children Welcome

Pre-school children are welcome to come and watch on the sidelines or play in the waiting room. Mothers are welcome to tend to your children as needed.


Whether you wish to train once a week in the Women’s Only Program, or in addition to the WKFA Adult Mixed Program, women of all abilities are welcome to attend this Women’s Only class!

Please join us on Friday mornings: doors open at 9:45am and doors are locked while class is conducted.

See the Schedule below.


Fees for this program are included in the current Adult Mixed Program pricing. For women attending only the Women’s Only Program, we offer once-per-week three-month memberships.

Free Trial

If you wish to come and try a class for free, or have further questions, please contact the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy. You are most welcome to join us!

Women’s Adult Classes

Women’s Classes run September – June.

Doors open at 9:45am. Doors are locked 10:00am – 11:00am while class is conducted.

Day Level Time Notes
Fri All 10:00am – 11:00am Mornings

Join Anytime

Experience the benefits of this ancient martial art and our expert instruction!

Adult Student's Corner

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