Women’s Only Classes

Women of all abilities are welcome to attend our Women’s Only Class!

Train in Privacy

Out of public view, women train in a welcoming, safe, and active learning environment. For your added comfort and privacy, Academy doors are locked during this class time. Classes are taught and assisted by experienced female instructors.

Progress at Your Own Pace

Participants learn the WKFA Shaolin Five Animal Kung-Fu curriculum, which includes self-defence, kung-fu techniques, and kung-fu forms. Over time, women progress through the curriculum at your own pace and ability, developing flexibility, fitness, focus, confidence, and skill.

Pre-School Children Welcome

Pre-school children are welcome to come and watch on the sidelines or play in the waiting room. Mothers are welcome to tend to your children as needed.


Whether you wish to train once a week in the Women’s Only Program, or in addition to the WKFA Adult Mixed Program, women of all abilities are welcome to attend this Women’s Only class!

Please join us on Friday mornings: doors open at 9:45am and doors are locked while class is conducted.

See the Schedule below.


Fees for this program are included in the current Adult Mixed Program pricing. For women attending only the Women’s Only Program, we offer once-per-week three-month memberships.

Free Trial

If you wish to come and try a class for free, or have further questions, please contact the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy. You are most welcome to join us!

Women’s Adult Classes

Women’s Classes run September – June.

Doors open at 9:45am. Doors are locked 10:00am – 11:00am while class is conducted.

Day Level Time Notes
Fri All 10:00am – 11:00am Mornings

Join Anytime

Experience the benefits of this ancient martial art and our expert instruction!

Adult Student's Corner

Fu-For-You Articles & Important News


My last article identified that different types of flexibility are achieved through different types of stretching. This article provides examples of the different types of stretches and outlines how to use them to increase flexibility and range of motion.

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Are you really focused?

We all know that being successful in Kung Fu is about more than just physical strength and agility — your mind plays a key part in your performance.

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Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with relative ease…things like getting out of bed, lifting children, or sweeping the floor. Better flexibility improves athletic performance and can decrease risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work effectively.

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Training Through Injury

You need to train smarter, not harder sometimes, until you are physically able to continue. As we advance in physical age, our technique changes again as we can no longer move as fast, dip as low, or move as smooth. Sometimes, we have to train through injury.

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The mental theme in August was Motivation. It’s timely given that the lazy hazy days of summer are wrapping up and we are heading into the action-packed season of autumn with the usual higher levels of activity associated with back to school, and a return to a more stringent routine. I think it’s safe to say that most people experience a slow down or some absences in their training over the summer months, given vacation time and the opportunity to take advantage of other seasonal activities in lieu of time in class. So, how do we regain and maintain our pre-summer momentum as the summer comes to a close? Here are some thoughts….

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Benefits of Outdoor Training

With the summer heat waning, now is the perfect opportunity to change up your training routine by stepping out to the great outdoors. Whether it be simply in your own back yard or a larger open space, outdoor training has numerous benefits.

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Why is respect important?

Adult Student’s Corner
In Part 1, we talked about the pervasiveness of this concept in kung fu, and we discussed some different facets of respect, in a quest for a deeper understanding of its meaning. Onward…
Why is respect important?….

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Adult Student’s Corner
Balance in Kung Fu is more often than not associated with the physical sense of the word. In fact, from the day a new student walks onto the kwoon we begin to help them understand their bodies in order to develop, amongst other things, balance. But physical balance isn’t the only form of balance a martial arts student should hone….

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