Online Zoom Kung-Fu Classes

What to Expect from our Online Zoom Kung-Fu Classes

Extensive Experience Instructing Online

  • We have 20 online instructors, plus a full cast of leadership team members, all committed to you. We teach online kung-fu classes that are exciting and motivating!
  • High instructor-to-student ratios in all our classes ensure the individual attention you or your children need.
  • Owner, Sigung David Moylan has personally taught over 400 online classes.

Instruction for Your Level of Practice

  • Our classes are strategically divided by age and rank.
  • Our team-based approach starts with high-energy group warm-ups. Then, we use breakout rooms to address specific techniques in the curriculum, based on your level of experience.
  • We are knowledgeable in each student’s curriculum, skilled at keeping our students engaged, and provide community engagement and positive messaging in every class.

Attendance & Promotion to the Next Rank

  • Choose from a full schedule of online classes to suit your schedule.
  • Online classes prioritize fitness and help students to retain and develop your assigned curriculum. If you continue to train online consistently, you should be in a good position to test for your next level.
  • For those that choose to video share, we do log attendance in online classes, which is important for promotion to your next rank.
  • Instructors keep a detailed log of each class to ensure continuity of instruction from class to class.

Why Train Online?

  • Develop a routine and schedule that fosters personal discipline.
  • Maintain and enhance your physical fitness.
  • Learn to coordinate your body in a fun and purposeful way.
  • Positively and safely engage and interact with peers and instructors.
  • Consistently develop mindfulness.
  • Receive positive and motivational messages.

For class times, visit the Student's Corner section to see all of our current Class Schedules.


Please follow all the health and safety guidelines we advise for a live class:

  • Training Space: We assume that your workout space is limited; a 2 x 2 metre square will suffice.
  • Clear Obstacles: Please ensure that you or your child’s training space is safe and clear of any hazards, including pets and other family members.
  • Set Your Pace: Train at a pace that makes sense for your state of health and fitness. If you are new to kung-fu, please go gradually and listen to your body. Kung-fu provides tremendous benefits, both physical and mental, but it is important to move patiently and progressively.
  • Take Needed Breaks: If you are feeling unwell, take a break.
  • Medical Issues: If you have underlying medical issues, please be mindful. (For instance, if you have asthma, keep an inhaler nearby.)

Uniforms & Equipment

  • Please do wear the same uniform required for in-person training. (A uniform is not required during your trial period.)
  • We continue to offer kung-fu uniforms and equipment from our kung-fu equipment store via curbside delivery. To arrange your order and pickup, please contact us.

How to Join Online

  • Our classes take place on Zoom.
    All you need is Internet access, video and sound.
  • Classes can be streamed from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Install the Zoom App or simply click on the link provided.
  • For a more interactive experience, you are welcome to turn on your camera so your classmates will see you. However, allowing others to see you is not a requirement.
  • You will see the class being taught and other participants who choose to turn on their cameras.

Best Practices for Online Kung-Fu Classes

  • Username: To help us to record attendance and give you a more personal experience, please ensure that the username of the student taking the class is correct. For families who share an account/hardware, please update the name at the start of each class.
  • Camera Angle: Stances are fundamental to our curriculum, so your instructor will prefer to see you from head to toe. Please attempt to set up your camera so that we can see all of you.
  • Lighting: Good lighting helps us to see you clearly. Light from the front or above works better than backlighting.
  • Muting & Unmuting: We encourage you to interact with us; please ensure you know how to unmute easily.
  • Video-Sharing: Although it is not necessary to take the class, we strongly encourage you to share your video for the most interactive experience.

Join Anytime

We have class times to fit even the busiest schedule.
You'll experience the benefits of this ancient martial art and our expert instruction!