Junior Student’s Corner

by Sifu Charlie Romeo
Fu For You Fall 2023

We are quickly approaching autumn, which means that we can soon expect to see more rainy days and cooler weather. While many people see a rainy day as an opportunity to stay in and relax, I prefer to see it as an opportunity to get ahead. In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of seizing the opportunities given by rainy days with the hope that you can benefit as well.

Don’t look at rainy days as an excuse to kick back and relax, turn on the TV and enjoy. This may sound great, but it’s a very surface-level pleasure. Instead of following the majority by relaxing on these days, why not take the opportunity to get ahead? While everybody else is being unproductive, you could be working your forms, blocks, or push-ups. Alternatively, you could be working on a potential essay for your next belt or sash. There are so many things you could be doing at home to improve your Kung Fu while the rest of your friends and family waste the day away.

If you usually take advantage of outdoor space to practice your Kung Fu, rain can present an interesting challenge that will make you have to think creatively. Try to find a place in your home that you’re able to practice, even a small space. Doing this will develop your creative thinking skills, as you’ll have to work through the challenges of training with little room to move. Alternatively, you could also take advantage of the challenges raised by enduring the rain and practicing outside. This can help to develop discipline and improve balance and stability, by having to navigate through the wet and possibly slippery area. The ability to endure through rain is one that I’ve personally developed through both Kung Fu and work, and it’s a skill I encourage you to develop.

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your Kung Fu classes. In my experience, very rainy days have significantly lower student attendance than the average class on a sunny day (this goes back to the idea that people like to relax on rainy days). However, this fact can work in your favour. Many people don’t see the extreme benefits of attending a small class, the primary benefit being more one-on-one time with an instructor. While we always do our best to assist every student in classes, it’s not always possible to work with students one-on-one every class. This one-on-one time you can receive on a rainy day is extremely valuable and can help you to progress much faster than if you had simply stayed home. Attending class regularly is important, but attending when many others are not willing can result in immense improvement.

Rain may be inconvenient for things like practicing your Kung Fu, but it shouldn’t halt it. Developing good practicing patterns, rain or shine, will help you to progress in your journey at a faster and more effective pace, so don’t let the weather slow you down!