Sibok Eric Kraushaar completed an undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University with a major in Economics and then attended the University of Windsor where he earned his degree in Law. After starting a law practice as well as starting a family, the need for fitness and regular training had to be addressed, and he resumed training in kung-fu. He had dabbled in studying kung fu during his undergraduate time at Wilfrid Laurier University with Ron Day, who had just arrived in Kitchener-Waterloo to start a kung-fu school in this area and conducted classes on campus.

In 1989 Sibok Eric enrolled and started studying seriously with Sifu Bob Schneider (later
addressed as Sigung). Sifu Bob had studied kung fu with Ron Day, had earned his black sash and had recently started the Waterloo Kung Fu Academy. Sibok Eric earned and was granted a black sash in 1995.

Sibok Eric started teaching the Wednesday noon class in 1995 upon earning his black sash. He continues to teach that same class. He has also continued to attend classes to train and practice himself since that time. He is currently ranked as a 3rd degree black sash.

In May 2019, the school presented Sifu Eric with the new title of “Sibok”. This respectful title for senior instructors reflects Sibok Eric’s many years of dedication to our school in both teaching and studying. He was a trusted advisor to WKFA’s founder Sigung Bob Schneider and has been a valued teacher and mentor to WKFA’s current owner Sigung David Moylan. Sibok Eric’s positive influence on the culture of our school, which is manifested in the high standard of kung-fu in which we train, cannot be overstated. The title Sibok is very fitting.