Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg began his kung-fu journey at the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy in the spring of 1989.

Sibok Lloyd currently teaches our Intermediate / Advanced adult students.

In May 2019, the school presented Sifu Lloyd with the new title of “Sibok.” This respectful title for senior instructors reflects Sibok Lloyd’s many years of dedication to our school. He was a trusted advisor to WKFA’s founder, Sigung Bob Schneider, and he has been a valued teacher and mentor to WKFA’s current owner, Sigung David Moylan. Sibok Lloyd’s positive influence on the culture of our school, and the high standard of kung-fu in which we train, cannot be understated. The title Sibok is very fitting.

Here are some highlights of his kung-fu career:

  • 1989 – began training at WKFA.
  • 1990 – awarded Most Dedicated Student.
  • 1992 – trained with Grand Master Pan Qing Fu and played one of Master Pan’s students in the movie Talons of the Eagle.
  • 1992 – again awarded Most Dedicated Student.
  • 1994 – awarded Student of the Year.
  • 1995 – attained the rank of 1st Degree Black.
  • 2005 – one of the first two WKFA students to receive the rank of 3rd Degree Black.
  • 2009 – developed and implemented the Fitness with a Purpose program.
  • 2009 – first WKFA instructor awarded the rank of 4th Degree Black Sash.
  • 2015 – earned his 5th Degree Black Sash.
  • 2019 – was presented with the title “Sibok.”