Sigung Dave on the Bonn Park Podcast

In November, Sigung Dave joined Sara and Marshall on their Bonn Park Podcast to chat about the philosophical art of self-defense, cycling, drumming, and how he began his Kung-Fu journey with Sigung Bob Schneider when he was eleven years old. Enjoy!

Bonn Park Podcast
Episode 110

At Bonn Park, podcast hosts Marshall Ward and Sara Geidlinger chat in-depth with fascinating people living, working, and creating in Waterloo Region. Together, their show emulates the feel of sparking up a conversation with an interesting stranger in a park, which is how Marshall and Sara met (in Waterloo’s Bonn Park) and discovered their shared interest in Waterloo Region’s creative community. 

Each episode features a different guest, with artists, writers, experts, entrepreneurs, and other creative folk talking about their motivations, inspirations, and aspirations.