Sifu Jeremy Norris

Junior Student’s Corner

At the Waterloo Kung Fu Academy, we take pride in the evolution of ranks, and the time it takes. As a junior student, it is important to consider planning and time management when setting the course of your Kung Fu journey. Our student creed states “I must know how to advance, in order to learn progressively and not carelessly”. This statement is reiterating the fact that each and every student must know how to progress at their own pace. To do this successfully planning plays a crucial role.

In recent months the grading process for the youth and junior programs has changed. You are now required to meet a grading deadline. This deadline was put into place to help students better prepare for the grading. As a whole, this new procedure has an effect on how juniors plan for a grading. So, what is the best method for a junior to prepare?

The most effective method to properly prepare for a grading all comes down to how you manage your time both inside, and outside of the kwoon. While training in class you must make your time worth it. Try your hardest, and always use others around you to challenge yourself. This concept of always pushing yourself in class makes grading day less stressful. You will be used to operating at your very best, and the grading will seem less of an unorthodox environment. It is also crucial in class if you do not understand a movement or sequence, be sure to ask! If you do not take that opportunity you will regret it on grading day. By planning to use your time wisely in class, you will for sure be ready to make that grading deadline. Those who ignore the deadline, and do not plan, will find themselves behind in their preparation.

In terms of managing time outside of the kwoon, it is vital to create a training routine. There are many ways to create a routine. You must find the method that best fits you as an individual. For me, preparing for gradings in the Junior program was always about balancing school and Kung Fu. A great way to do so is to add Kung Fu into your homework. An example of this for me, was I used to hold a horse stance instead of sitting in a chair while on the computer. Implementing Kung Fu into my homework routine for me was the most effective way to train outside of the Academy. Finding your routine may take some trial and error; but implementing a training routine is an essential part of planning for a grading.

For every student at the Academy, the time taken to plan and manage your training is a controlling factor of how you move through the ranks. This factor can be managed, and it is up to you to plan and manage your time according to your needs and expectations.