Sifu Lloyd Fridenburg at Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

By Sifu Lloyd Fridenburg


What a great summer! It sure made up for the winter that didn’t want to end, but now it’s time to roll out the books and switch into serious training mode as the cooler weather approaches.

Many of you are starting to look towards Fall, or even Spring gradings. You will find a document called “12 Grading Considerations” pinned to the board where we keep the grading sign-up sheets. Please take a minute to read it. It’s also a great time to review your current, and past, requirement sheets. Everything on the curriculum is taught on a regular basis; it’s important that you are proficient with all of your requirements before you ask to go on the grading list. All you need to do is mention to instructors that there are some elements that you haven’t learned, or are not comfortable with, we always try to work these kinds of requests into classes.

If you struggle with pushups you are not alone, but they are an important aspect of your overall fitness. Palm pushups and kneeling pushups are not acceptable in adult classes, unless you have a medical issue that has been discussed with Sifu. Proper pushups positively engage a variety of muscle groups, including lower back and abdominal muscles.

You have likely received promotional cards for Fitness With a Purpose. This is a great opportunity for you to offset the cost of training supplies or even reduce your membership fees ($50 WKFA gift certificate for each person you refer that joins FWP). If you do refer someone to the FWP program I invite you to join them and participate in their first class to help ease some of the anxiety that comes with the start any new endeavor.

I’d like to give a shout-out to our wonderful instructors and assistant instructors that gave up a lot of personal time this summer to run a week-long Youth camp, and a week-long Junior camp. What most parents don’t see is the tremendous amount of work involved before and after these camps so WKFA kids have an enjoyable experience and learn some new stuff along the way. They always try to keep material fresh and this only happens through hours and hours of preparation on the part of the instructors.

However, I did notice that the instructors seemed to be having as much fun as the participants. Thanks, from all of us for your hard work and dedication to WKFA kids.