Charlie Romeo

Charlie Romeo

Junior Student’s Corner

by Charlie Romeo

Now that spring is winding down and we’re heading into summer, it’s finally time to pack up your jackets and enjoy the warmer weather. One of the best parts about spring for a martial artist is the perfect outdoor training temperatures, and now is the time to take advantage! Here are some tips for how to continue your personal training outdoors.

Tip 1: Dressing Appropriately

There’s nothing worse than practicing your forms and stumbling through because of improper clothing. To make the best out of your outdoor training, wear baggy pants or shorts, and closed-toe shoes tied tight. This allows you to move freely and to work your stances without being restricted by pants that are too tight, or by flipflops falling off your feet. Reminder: during the warmer months, come to each class with proper footwear and clothing to train outside – your instructor might also take advantage of the warm weather!

Tip 2: Location

Training inside your home can be effective but can also be restrictive depending on how much space you have. Certain activities such as your kicking sequences and longer forms require more space, so training outside can be a great option to work these requirements. Whether it’s in your backyard, or at a nearby park, always be aware of your surroundings. Take advantage of the extra space but always put safety first.

Tip 3: Hydration

As the summer heat approaches, it’s very important to take care of your body. You need water to stay healthy and to train at the best of your ability, so bring a water bottle with you when you train – both at class and for your personal training, but please do not bring disposable plastic water bottles to class.

Stay healthy and enjoy your training!