Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

By Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Sifu’s Corner

Practicing Mindfulness

Kung Fu challenges us to be mindful; this is one of its key benefits. I grin when I see newer (and sometimes veteran) students stubbornly stand with their right leg forward when asked to go to a left foot forward stance. I often joke with beginners that the first ability to leave them is their awareness of left and right. Thankfully, with practice, the skill of mindfulness develops and more complex techniques can be mastered.

Many areas of life require mindfulness, yet it is a struggle in our increasingly technological society, where various forms of media constantly compete for our attention. I’ve been training with a shaolin monk and we’ve had several interesting discussions on this topic. When he teaches, I get the most benefit when I stay focussed. I try to apply this skill to other areas of my life too.


Sifu David and fellow mountain bikers in Moab, October 2016.

This October, I travelled to Moab, Utah. It lived up to its reputation of being world renowned for mountain biking! The trails and landscape are as breath taking as they are challenging (and at times dangerous). We rode all day, every day, and I was constantly coaching myself to bring my attention to the moment. In the end, it kept me safe and allowed me to fully immerse in the joy of the experience. I encourage you to look for daily opportunities where you can apply mindfulness to enhance the quality of your life.

What’s Been Happening at WKFA?

By the time you read this, the women’s change room renovation will be underway. Please bear with us as we complete the final touches (mudding, sanding, painting). I’m sure you’ll agree the results will be worth it.

Our annual Halloween party was another success! A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone that helped with the planning, setup and tear down.

Special thanks to Sifu Anne, who recently ran a conditioning class for our 12-18 year-old students and will be conducting a sparring class from 1:45-3pm on Dec.17th.

A used uniform/equipment sale will be held from 1:30 – 3pm on Saturday, December 3rd. Sale proceeds will be donated to the Waterloo Region Foodbank. If you would like to turn in clean, used items that are in good repair, please drop them off at the Academy and we will make them available. Some of the equipment that we use in the kwoon is also available for purchase.

Our 2017 calendar is filling up. The Little Ninja/Youth/Junior awards party is 2-4pm on Jan.7th. Grading lists are posted for Jan.21st (Youth/Junior) and Feb. 4th (Adult Novice II). Our Adult Awards party is Feb.25th at St. George Hall. Also, don’t forget about our Five-Animal March Break Camp and the return of WKFA’s Competition Team.

Finally, to all the new families who joined over the past year, welcome to the Academy! This Fall was quite busy with new enrolments. We are very fortunate to attract respectful, hardworking students from many diverse backgrounds. I truly appreciate everyone’s dedication.

On behalf of the Academy and my family, I wish you a healthy and happy 2017!