WKFA Student’s Corner

Student’s Corner provides you with valuable resources to assist you on your kung-fu journey.

Our Creed

  • I must know how to advance, in order to learn progressively and not carelessly.
  • I must have the patience to persevere in learning the many skills kung-fu offers.
  • I fully accept the demands of the learning process.
  • I provide the motivation to learn and improve.
  • I must apply myself to the training syllabus.
  • I accept responsibility for my technical and personal standards.
  • I acknowledge that the amount of training is proportional to improvement.
  • I resolve to abide by and to perpetuate the philosophy of kung-fu.

Important words:

Sifu: Teacher
Sigung: Teacher of teachers
Kwoon: Training facility

1: Yee
2: Uhr
3: Sahn
4: Suh
5: Woo
6: Lyo
7: Chee
8: Bah
9: Jo
10: Shur