WKFA Training Logs

Training Log Format

Students are required to obtain a 3-ring binder to create a training log or journal.

Your binder should be separated into five sections:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Handouts
  3. Training Notes
  4. Important Dates
  5. Miscellaneous

The materials in your Enrolment Kit are to be kept in your binder in the appropriate sections. The guiding principle for keeping handouts is, “if it has three holes punched in it…it’s a keeper.”

Important words:

Sifu: Teacher
Sigung: Teacher of teachers
Kwoon: Training facility

1: Yee
2: Uhr
3: Sahn
4: Suh
5: Woo
6: Lyo
7: Chee
8: Bah
9: Jo
10: Shur