Empowerment Self Defence for Youth & Junior Students

Special Classes for Youth-Junior Students:
Dec 3-5, 2018
Regular Class Times

Calling all Youth and Junior Students!

In the Youth and Junior classes at their regular times, Sifu Patti will be conducting a special session on self defence geared specifically for the age and skill level of the students.

Topics covered:

  • Healthy Me – healthy choices.
  • Healthy Us – building healthy relationships and setting boundaries.
  • Response to Bullying Behaviour – and other ‘at risk’ situations.
  • Physical Techniques.
  • De-escalation Strategies.


Our approach to self defence and personal safety exposes students to a toolbox of empowering options and choices to help create personal health and safety.

Students use our five animals while counting through five fingers to define tools that are easy to recall. While all five animals possess all five traits, they are a useful guide in instilling options around awareness, avoidance, assertiveness, physical technique and reporting/recovery.

  1. Students learn to think like a crane and recognize situations using their mind and intuition;
  2. To yell and posture like a snake using their voice and body;
  3. To run like a leopard to block and use their feet and arms to create space and distance;
  4. To fight like a tiger using appropriate choices to get away;
  5. And to have the courage of the dragon to tell others in order to obtain support.

Our goal is to continue to grow our curriculum responding to changing times in a way that is age appropriate, empowering and accessible.


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