Live & In-Person WKFA – The Kwoon Re-Opens!

As of January 31st, we are excited to announce that our Academy is open for in-person classes (again)!

We will continue to implement industry best practices for safe COVID Procedures.

Class format, levels of contact, and protocols will be similar to  December. At this time, we are limited to 50% of the building’s fire code capacity, so we ask that no spectators attend, except for special circumstances. 

Please see the updated Class schedule.

If you've reviewed the schedule, and are still uncertain when you or your child should attend, please read Understanding Your Kung-Fu Student’s Class Schedule.

A message from Sigung David:

I want to reiterate my sincere gratitude to all of you in what has continued to be an extraordinarily trying stretch of time. Everyone seems to have been profoundly affected in some way. Some days are darker than others, but the patience, love and support of the families, students and instructors at the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy has made persevering possible. Together, we are getting through this and coming out the other side stronger than ever.

With gratitude, 
Sigung David Moylan


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