March Break Special Private Classes!

March Break:
Mon, March 16, 9:00am – Thu, March 19, 3:30pm

Our talented team of Black Sash instructors are available to instruct during these four days of March Break at 25% off the regular rates!

This is a unique opportunity for you or your child to deepen their practice of kung-fu.

Classes are very motivational for kids and are a nice reward for that child that is very passionate about the art.

Classes are technical and fun! Students are welcome to request areas of focus.


  • Students, ages 6 – 14: 45-minute classes
  • Adults: 60-minute classes

We open 15 minutes prior to the class so that students can warm up independently.

Please e-mail to check availability and rates.

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your practice of kung-fu.


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