VIRTUAL WKFA – Zooming through April 2021!

Through our third lockdown, we are committed to continuing to practice kung-fu with you in our Virtual Kwoon on Zoom.

Our 21 Online Instructors, plus a full cast of Leadership Team members, are all committed to you. We are doing our absolute best to teach you kung-fu, in an exciting and motivating style, however possible!

See the Virtual Class Schedule below.

To Participate:

  • All you need is Internet access, video and sound.
  • Classes can be streamed from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Install the Zoom App or simply click on the link provided.
  • For a more interactive experience, you are welcome to turn on your camera so your classmates will see you. However, allowing others to see you is not a requirement.
  • You will see the class being taught and other participants who choose to turn on their cameras.

Our Academy is here for you. We’ll roll with the punches. It’s what we do.

Sigung David Moylan

Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Before Participating:

Please follow all the health and safety guidelines we advise for a live class:

  • Ensure that you or your child’s training space is safe and clear of any hazards, including pets and other family members.
  • Train at a pace that makes sense for your state of health and fitness.
  • If you are feeling unwell, take a break.
  • If you have underlying medical issues, be mindful (e.g. if you have asthma, keep an inhaler nearby).

Classes are conducted with the understanding that participants have less room in which to move than we do at the Academy.

April’s Zoom Classes

  • With this most recent lockdown, we are only permitted to teach online kung-fu classes.
  • April’s Online Class Schedule is different from January’s, so please study it carefully.
  • These combined classes offer a team-based approach, with high-energy group warm-ups. We will use breakout rooms to address specific techniques in the curriculum, specific to your level of experience.
  • We will prioritize fitness and help students to retain and develop your assigned curriculum. If you continue to train online consistently, you should be in a good position to test for your next level when the opportunity opens.
  • If you are new to Zoom based instruction, we encourage you to try it!

April’s Class Schedule

  • Little Ninjas: for this lockdown, join us Tuesdays from 4:30pm – 5:00pm, until we are able to re-open to in-person classes.
  • Youth & Junior Students—Age 6 – 14: ensure that you know which age program and rank your child is and find their days/times in the provided April Zoom Schedule. There are two classes for everyone each week.
  • Adults: Choose from at least 6 classes per week; please study the schedule and note the days/times that work for you.
If you’ve reviewed the schedule, and are still uncertain when you or your child should attend, please email us and we will be happy to advise.


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