WKFA’s 25th Anniversary Celebration – November 10, 2012

On Saturday, November 10th, 2012, we celebrated 25 years together!

“I express sincere gratitude to the instructors, students, families and community for supporting the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy over the past 25 years. Thank you for sharing this celebration with us on November 10th. We look forward to many more years teaching the life changing benefits of kung-fu in this region!” Sifu David Moylan

Our Commemorative Documentary

Our History at-a-Glance

  • March 1984: Sifu Bob Schneider earns his black sash from Sigung Ron Day.
  • November 1987: Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy (WKFA) is founded by Sifu Bob Schneider.
  • September 1990: Sifu Bob becomes a disciple of Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu.
  • June 1992: WKFA promotes its first black sash instructor.
  • November 1992: The school moves to its current location.
  • February 1995: The first in-school tournament (Shiai) is held.
  • October 1999: The Academy holds its largest black sash grading to date; David Moylan becomes a Sifu.
  • June 2006: Sigung Bob Schneider tragically passes away.
  • September 2006: Sifu David Moylan takes on the role of Head Instructor/Owner.
  • September 2008: Master Ron Day, founder of Kitchener Kicks, passes away.
  • March 2012: Kitchener Kicks and WKFA together host the 6th Annual Canadian Karate Kung-Fu Association Convention honouring Grandmaster David Chong.
  • November 2012: 25th anniversary!
  • June 29, 2017: Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu passes away.
  • November 2017: 30th anniversary!