Cane Seminar – Sun. Oct 20, 2019

Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy Presents…

Cane – Walking Stick Fighting Techniques & Self-Defense

Sunday, October 20, 2019
1:15pm – 2:45pm
At the Academy

The cane, or walking stick, is one of the most practical weapons available. It can accompany you virtually anywhere and can quickly become a devastating defensive or offensive weapon.

Format: Hands-on individual and partner techniques.

Presenter: Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg

Cost: $50.00

To Register: Sign up early; 26-student limit.

Equipment: Canes / Walking Sticks will be provided for use during the seminar. Or bring your own.

Who Can Participate:

This seminar is open to:

  • WKFA Adult Students
  • WKFA Junior Students: 13-years+


You will learn:

  • Basic cane theory.
  • Striking surfaces.
  • Proper blocking technique.
  • Striking techniques.
  • Flow techniques.
  • Poking and hooking.
  • Joint locks and chokes.
  • Learn how defend against wrist grabs, cane grabs, and choke holds.
  • Various unique cane related strategies will be discussed.

The more ordinary-looking the weapon, the deadlier it is.

Chinese Saying