Sifu Patricia Fievoli

by Sifu Patricia Fievoli

Parent’s Corner

Parents/guardians are an integral part of a youth/junior student’s Grading preparation.   The level of parental support required by the student will vary according to age and independence level. The following is a list to help your child test feeling supported, healthy, and confident:


  1. Encourage practice.
  2. Encourage attendance.
  3. Provide materials to help the child create a training manual.
  4. Encourage discussion.
  5. Get involved! Watch classes, read newsletters, and speak with instructors. If you wish, join the WKFA Adult Program or Fitness with a Purpose Program!
  6. Talk about Gradings as opportunities, challenges, hard work and ‘long classes’.
  7. Maintain a current WKFA membership. Keep current WKFA membership cards. Ensure Sifu (and class Sifus) are aware of medical information. If your child carries an inhaler or medication ensure it is available in their training bag.
  8. Ensure your child has a uniform, required equipment and weapons. See Sifu directly if there are financial concerns.

Two Weeks Before Grading Day

(when Grading Letters come home)

  1. Review the Grading Letter thoroughly with your child. Tick off the boxes and students returns the bottom portion at their next class.
  2. Talk about what is required for the Grading envelope. Discuss whether an essay or homemade form will be required. Work with your child to ensure the envelope is complete, essays/forms are properly typed, and handed in as required. Every rank, every Grading, requires an envelope to be handed in that is properly addressed and contains: WKFA membership card, Grading fee, essay and/or homemade form (if one is required for that rank).

Two days before assist your child to ensure:

  1. They are eating well, resting, and hydrating.
  2. They have all their sparring equipment, weapons, complete uniform, and completed envelope (See #2 above). This is outlined in Sifu’s Grading Letter. If your child uses an inhaler or medication please ensure it is available at the grading.
  3. WKFA bag is labelled with name and student number.

Evening before provide support as needed to:

  1. Help ensure your child feels supported.
  2. Arrange any drinks that will be required for grading day.
  3. Ensure envelope, uniform, and equipment are ready to go.
  4. Decide on timing and plan to arrive early.

Grading Day

  1. Arrange a relaxed morning. Students should hydrate and eat well. Select foods that will sit well and will provide energy for the hours to come.   Unless there is a health issue, students are encouraged to hydrate during the Grading but students will not have ‘food’ breaks.
  2. Arrive in uniform at WKFA at least 20 minutes early.
  3. Grading students will put their drinks, bags and weapons in the kwoon.
  4. Grading students should tuck their envelopes into their belts or sash and have it ready for presentation.

Tips for Parents/Guardians and family members:

  1. Try to relax. If possible attend the Grading. We do ask that spectators give their full attention to the Grading students.

A Grading may run 2 hours or it may run several hours, as long as 5 or 6 depending upon ranks on the floor.

Computer

Please remember that the sign-in computer is for sign-in only, any other information contained in student records is for administration use only, and is confidential. If you have problems signing in please seek assistance; don’t try to adjust anything yourself. If you want to check any data related to your child’s training please see Sifu.