Sifu Patricia Fievoli

by Sifu Patricia Fievoli

Parent’s Corner

With the start of a new school year families face the challenge of organizing time.

Rather than reacting when stress hits, and potentially letting go of important health- conscious activities, here are some ideas that can help with transitioning and ensuring Kung Fu classes

continue without adding stress:

  1. Develop a routine for sleep, relaxation, homework, play, family time, meals – this can be a difficult idea to master but is very helpful.
  2. Post a family schedule – include Kung Fu classes as well as other activities; schedule in travel time and extra travel time. Fun can be had with a family schedule such as pictures colour coordinating for each family member.
  3. Strategically schedule Kung Fu practice times and exercise. Getting active may help increase energy when students feel too tired to study.
  4. Organize a quiet study area as well as a safe Kung Fu practice area encouraging times for study and physical activity.
  5. Have specific spots for books and supplies, as well as a place for Kung Fu uniform and equipment. Organized places make putting things away easier and finding things in a pinch faster.
  6. Weekly shopping to pick out healthy treats! It may be an opportunity to bring your child with you to pick out and commit to their healthy snacks. Sugary treats before school, during school, or right before Kung Fu classes can create energy crashes, tummy aches, and headaches.
  7. When sizing your child for their back to school clothing, use this time as an opportunity to size your child’s Kung Fu uniform and sparring equipment. Time goes quickly and the next thing you know your child has outgrown their size 1
    pants and is now in size 3!
  8. Schedule ahead for Kung Fu activities in the family schedule. In the Fall there will be gradings as well as our Halloween Celebration. Kung Fu activities can be a nice break away for children to enjoy a fun, respectful and safe environment, especially if the start of the school year is challenging for them or they encounter difficult social dynamics at school. WKFA can provide a healthy environment for students where they feel successful and included.
  9. When things get busy, routines become especially important. If it becomes difficult to motivate Kung Fu practice times remember practicing need only be a few minutes. An additional idea is invite over a Kung Fu friend or two to practice together. We had numerous Kung Fu practices – often practices became afternoons of social time, crafts and even sleepovers.
  10. Drowning in paper? Even though we are becoming more “paperless”, I find it amazing the amount of paper that still comes home. When papers come home try having a binder by the family schedule where important papers can be indexed and filed away. At Kung Fu, students are encouraged to have their own Kung Fu training binder to capture notes and drawings, thoughts and so on.

We look forward to the start of another successful and fun year!