Sifu Lorna Jones, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

By Sifu Lorna Jones

Parent’s Corner

One of the most wonderful things about Waterloo Kung Fu Academy is that we try very hard to adhere to old traditions and values. Sometimes, learning the proper protocol can be slightly frightening for the parents as well as for the children. Most parents tell us that they bring their children to us to help them to learn respect and discipline. At WKFA, we firmly believe that everyone can help teach these principles. Here are some things to help everyone to understand some of the guidelines and expectations at the school.

  1. Cellphones are not to be used in the common areas of the academy. If you need to make or receive a call, please go outside. If you need to text, bbm or email, please do so respectfully in either the waiting room or the bathroom. This is out of respect for everyone. Please put phones on silent before entering the academy
  2. Students should carry their own equipment into the school. Unless there is a situation with broken limbs, or the student is already on the floor assisting, students are responsible for their own equipment. This includes labeling it and making sure it is in good working order
  3. Please wait for your children in the parents’ waiting room, or downstairs lobby. The railing is not an appropriate place to watch class, as it distracts the children and is hazardous to others. Please make sure the door remains shut to the parents’ waiting room to keep the noise distraction down. It also keeps the cool air in during the summer and warm air during the winter.
  4. Being on time is one of the greatest demonstrations of respect. On the other side, being consistently late for class is disruptive and disrespectful. If there is a specific reason your child may be late, this should be communicated in advance. Your child will be given pushups for joining class late, and any student that is late by over 15 minutes will not be allowed to participate in class. If your child is dropped off over 15 minutes late and no one is there to take them home, they will stay in the kwoon and sit to watch the class, but they will not participate
  5. Please read the grading letters carefully. There are certain pieces of protocol that we expect the students to adhere to in a grading. The letter clearly outlines the expectations. If part of the grading requirement is not met, the grading results will be withheld and not given on grading day. This might be an essay, an active student card or the grading fee. If your child does not meet the requirements in that letter, they will not get their new belt or sash on that day. This also applies to the adult students.
  6. The washroom on the main floor is private. It also serves as a first aid room. Please use the upstairs washrooms, and never, never leave dirty diapers in the garbage cans.

We do have a lot of traditions and expectations at Waterloo Kung Fu Academy. This is an amazing link to our lineage and to the days of respect and honour! I hope this helps to clarify some of the points, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss them with Sifu or any instructor. We will all be happy to explain the protocols.