Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg

Parent’s Corner

Children Missing Summer Classes

Kung Fu training is a year-round activity. WKFA only closes for a week in the middle of the summer and a week at Christmas. Aside from that classes run according to our regular schedule. Ongoing training is essential to the success, and advancement of your children. It also instills a sense of commitment and accomplishment.

We know that some students have the good fortune of spending the summer at the cottage, camp, or some simply take a break from their Kung Fu training. If that applies to you, have a great summer, but it is unrealistic to expect that children will be allowed to grade in the fall if they have missed a big chunk of their Kung Fu training over the summer.

Academy Rules

Many of the school rules not only apply to WKFA students but to visitors and parents/guardians as well. Some of these have been discussed recently, but we are still concerned about a few recurring issues.

Please do not stand at the railing at the top of the stairs. There is new a monitor in the waiting room upstairs. Please observe classes from inside the waiting room to keep the top of the stairway safe and clear and the class free from any distractions. We strive to maintain a safe environment for everyone, but if you get banged by equipment bags or weapons please don’t blame the students or instructors…you should not be standing, or even worse, sitting there.

If it’s Grey; Stay Away. shoes are only allowed on the carpeted area of the lobby. If you need to venture onto the grey flooring, please be sure that you have removed your shoes. We train in bare feet and these areas need to be kept clean for the safety of students moving between the change rooms and training areas. Only students are permitted on, or beyond, the laminate flooring under the archway…except during gradings or special occasions.

Please treat the waiting room with respect. Leave it clean and tidy, and please pick up after your children.

Uniforms must be kept clean, fit properly, and in good repair. If you need to buy larger clothes for your child, they likely need a new WKFA uniform as well. This also applies to sparring gear. Sparring gear that is too small is dangerous for both your child and other children. If sparring equipment is deemed to be too small, it is the prerogative of instructors to prohibit a student from sparring until they get new gear that fits properly.

Smart devices are to be silenced when inside the academy. If you need to take a call, please do so outside.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you have concerns about any of these policies, please feel free to speak with Sigung anytime.