Sigung David Moylan, Owner, WKFA

Sigung’s Corner

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this has been the strangest year of my life. I watched a good number of students leave the Academy, but those of you that chose to stay committed have amazed me with your consistency. You have doubled down and made training together a priority!

Initially, instructing over Zoom was a pretty big adjustment, but, after many classes, I feel more comfortable and grateful for the opportunity to connect with you on the regular. Now more accustomed to this new medium, I often have “wow” moments. On a typical evening with our hybrid schedule, I finish teaching an in-person class of energized Youth students and then hook up the mic and computer to teach a class of adults. Each student is at home in their full uniform, as the next kids’ class is taught simultaneously in the kwoon. As I instruct from the front room, some of you, waiting patiently outside, often wave at me. The whole experience is quite surreal. I know you can just find a pre-recorded instructional video to follow on your own time, but something draws you to come to class each week, be it in-person or online – that something, I believe, is accountability.

We are social creatures and the need for connection, at all ages, is real. Our little community proves day-in and day-out that we want to connect with each other over our shared passion for Kung Fu. You know the many benefits training consistently bring to your health and well-being; having an accountability to one another helps us stay committed to our goals. When instructors and classmates expect to see you training at set times and days it is truly motivational.

This has been a challenging year to find our inner drive and stay the course. If you find yourself falling short, consider increasing your accountability to someone. As a personal example, I want to stay committed to the Wim Hof method daily. I started a chat group with a few friends that share the same goals. We briefly check in each day and let each other know our progress (and sometimes our struggles). Having this regular accountability and communication with others is proving remarkably effective! I highly recommend you reach out to a trusted classmate or two to provide that extra boost.

If I can speak for my instructors, and myself, the accountability is reciprocal. Knowing you will be showing up or logging in to participate in a given class is tremendously uplifting and buoys us on to put our heart and soul into every class we teach. You inspire us to improve our own Kung Fu and stay in shape. We do it for ourselves, we do it for you, we do it for each other.

When I reflect on what drives me, it is accountability. Accountability to my family, my students, the art of Kung Fu and myself. Define your responsibilities and who you account to for them – then keep them up and live with vitality!