Sifu Lloyd Fridenburg at Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

By Sifu Lloyd Fridenburg


We are involved in an activity that puts considerable strain on our bodies and in spite of our best efforts injuries can and do occur, but don’t use an injury as an excuse to stop training. Over the years I’ve seen many great students eventually stop training completely because they let themselves get out of shape due to a minor injury.
That brings me to the issue of bumps, bruises, personal injury and physical constraints.

Some students have chronic physical conditions that may inhibit their performance to varying degrees, or under varying circumstances. If that is the case it is essential that you discuss your problems with Sifu so he can discretely pass on relevant information to other instructors. If you have a chronic problem and have chosen martial arts as a suitable activity there is no need to remind instructors about your condition on a continuous basis. Once we are aware of a problem instructors always take it into consideration.

However, should an acute injury occur you need to ask yourself this question; “Am I injured, or am I hurt?” What? You mean there’s a difference. You bet there is!

An injury needs professional attention and often inhibits your ability to train effectively until it heals. An example would be a broken limb, severe sprain, joint injury or torn ligament. Your training will likely be interrupted, or at least impaired, for a period of time. But you also need to protect the injury even after it feels better to ensure it heals completely. You can buy braces, supports, and bandages for a variety of injuries, so don’t let an injury interrupt your training for any longer than necessary. Always be sure that the instructor is aware of the nature of your injury and how it might impact your training, but if you’re not doing your part to protect the injury don’t expect much sympathy from the instructor.

Being hurt is temporary. A jammed toe, a black eye, a mild muscle pull, a small cut, or a blister certainly hurts and makes training uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t cause you to miss more than a class two, if any. If you’re hurt, work through it, don’t use it as an excuse to stop training.

Remember that the older you get the longer it takes for a serious injury to heal. Even if it no longer hurts, don’t put demands on the injured area too soon. It takes much longer to heal the second time. As Sifu Mark
said a few months ago “train smart” but keep training!

Parents: Please remember that the facilities upstairs are change rooms where you can expect to find students of all ages in various stages of undress at any given time. It creates an uncomfortable situation when
men bring young girls into the men’s change room to use the toilet; the same goes for women bringing young boys into the women’s change room. If your child needs assistance going to the washroom and is of the opposite sex you will be allowed to use the private/first aid washroom in the main lobby. That washroom is not for regular use by students, guests, or parents but an exception will be made under these circumstances. Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated by all.