Sifu Cristina Prudencio-Brunello

Youth Student’s Corner

Let’s get to talking about our animals! First up is our big, stripey cat: the tiger.

Tiger at a glance…

  • Rank: Novice/Red Belt animal
  • Techniques: tiger claws, tiger mouth, tiger blocks
  • Stances: cat stance
  • Skill: Strength
  • Form: Tiger (Blue Stripe) & Tiger Crane (Adult Brown Sash)

The tiger is a fierce animal that teaches us strength, discipline, and spirit. A tiger will only fight if necessary, but when it decides to fight, it will rip and slash and roar – it uses all its skill and strength to win.

When we embody the tiger, our stances must be rooted, and we strike with martial intent. In our Tiger form, there are six different spirit yells: Ya, He, Wa, Ha, Ye, and a very scary AAAHHHH at the end. We can use kiais to add extra energy to our techniques, just like the tiger’s roar.

In our own lives, we can channel our inner tigers by being brave. It can be scary to start something new, no matter how big or small. Tigers get scared too! But instead of running away from a challenge, they dig deep for the courage and mental strength to see it through. So, the next time you’re up against a seemingly impossible task, remember your brave tiger spirit.

Next time, we will learn about our other Kung Fu cat, the leopard. Stay tuned!

Tiger Fun Facts

  • No two tigers have the same stripes – each one has different patterns and colours. The stripes even show up on its skin!
  • Over 95% of a tiger’s DNA is the same as the DNA in your pet cat!
  • A tiger’s tail is 2-3 feet long and helps it balance.
  • Even though they are cats, tigers like the water and can swim well.
  • Tigers can weigh up to 670 pounds!