Sifu Cristina Prudencio-Brunello

Youth Student’s Corner

With this month’s theme of Perseverance, we are focusing on not giving up and working hard to reach our goals. While this is a great way to stay motivated, we first must decide what our goals are and how we plan to achieve them. This practice is called goal setting, and it can be a challenging task to take on, especially if our goals seem huge and overwhelming…. So, I thought I would cook up a fun way to help us plan our goals—using PIZZA (because who doesn’t like pizza?).

First, we have to set a goal. This could be any number of things, big or small, such as learning to read, playing an instrument, or earning your Black Sash. We can represent these goals as the whole pizza, toppings and all.

But it would be crazy to think that we could eat an entire pizza in one bite – that’s way too much to take on in one sitting! We have to remember not to bite off more than we can chew, or else the task may seem impossible, making it more difficult to stay motivated.

So, we cut the pizza in to more manageable parts—slices! Slices help you break your goal down into smaller, short term goals, such as each grade of school, each level of an instrument, or each rank in Kung Fu. Still, eating an entire slice in one bite can still be challenging.

So, we take bites out of our pizza slice. Think of the bites as all the little steps and requirements to reaching your short-term goals, like learning the forms and kicking sequences for your rank (and learning them well!). This makes finishing the slice easier. Then onto the next slice, then the next, taking little chunks as you go, and before you know it, the whole pizza is eaten!

Setting goals is a great way to help you achieve success in all aspects of your life, and it will prepare you for the challenges you’ll take on as you get older. Just like everything else we teach in Kung Fu, goal setting requires practice and patience, and once you set your mind to it, you can do it.

Happy snacking!