WKFA Instructor Anne Vandrus

Sifu Anne Vandrus

Youth Student’s Corner

Instead of a regular article, this time I have a puzzle for you! Write the answers to the following questions into the appropriate boxes to complete the crossword. These are all good things to know as a Youth student at WKFA, so if you don’t know all the answers, make sure you ask! I’ve started you off with an example question and answer. Good luck!


Example: #6 (across) – How many weeks before your grading do you need to have your stripes and be on the list by? (Answer: TWO)

  1. What do you need to do a lot, if you want to get better at your Kung Fu?
  2. The Waterloo Kung Fu Academy is ________ years old! We just celebrated our anniversary in November 2017.
  3. The four basic blocks we learn at red belt are: high block, inside middle block, cross body block, and _________ block.
  4. What do you need to remember to bring to every class and know how to tie yourself?
  5. The title “Sifu” means __________.
  6. (down) Which of the five animals teaches us strength?
  7. The first stripe you earn on your belt is your forms stripe. The second stripe is your _________ stripe.
  8. The three bows we do at the start of every class are to our Kung Fu ancestors, to _________, and to each other.
  9. The Single Step is the first _________ that you learn.