Sifu Jeremy Norris

Junior Student’s Corner

There are many benefits to having such a large student capacity within our academy. One of many is that we are always challenged to push each other and ourselves to our personal best. This concept is what we call healthy competition.

We often bring this topic into discussion when talking about our 4 focus points. This concept in particular is what pushes our Kung Fu to better and greater altitudes. When in a stance, doing a technique, or standing at attention in class always be looking to the people around you. Then ask yourself: “is anyone else trying harder than me?”. If this is so then try harder! It is often this mental push that allows your body to go harder.

With the large class sizes, it isn’t always about trying harder than one another it is also about seeing how certain people complete certain tasks. Many times, if you’re having trouble with a technique someone else in the class is too. Although always best to ask an instructor…try to figure it out yourself. Take in the people around you and learn from their success and mistakes. It is in these large classes where it can sometimes be hard to ask for help. You may feel embarrassed that other people are getting it, and you’re not, but trust me this is normal. It is your responsibility to ask when confused or having difficulty. Remember don’t be scared and use the tools of our community to help your journey.

As we break down our Kung Fu journey, we tend to call it our own ‘personal journey’. In many ways yes you control how you move through the ranks, and the pace you do so. Although it is within our personal journey that we must push ourselves. It is in this mentality where it is easy to get caught up in only yourself when training but taking the time to notice others can have a huge impact on your own development. Doing this may mean coming out and watching gradings, demos and performances. Seeing others display the art may help you understand it better. This may also mean participating in seminars or going to classes with a variety of instructors. It is within our wide variety of instructors that make it a huge gain to participate in seminars. Being in the junior program Sifu Anne holds many seminars/teen classes. By going to these it will further develop your own Kung Fu. Within our Kung Fu community there are many tools at your disposal, and it is up to you to use them and participate to grow your personal journey.

Identifying these tools within our community is easy, it is acting on them that becomes the challenge. Remember that our community at Waterloo Kung Fu Academy is strong, and not all schools are blessed with the numbers that we have. Take in this factor and use it to reach your full potential. What it means to be a martial artist. This is what defines us, and what will continue to define us through our journey.


Accomplished Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy Students

Accomplished Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy Students