Sifu Cristina Prudencio-Brunello

Youth Student’s Corner

By Sifu Cristina Prudencio-Brunello

Hello Youth Students! I hope you all had a great first month back at the Academy—it has been wonderful to see all of your smiling faces! Since we’ve been away for a while, I thought we would have a quick refresher on some Kung Fu terms.

Remember that Kung Fu is more than the physical aspect – learning and understanding the vocabulary we use in the Academy is good practice for etiquette and memory.

For a fun activity, see if you can find the bolded terms in this word search!

  • Sifu = Kung Fu teacher; these are your instructors with a Black Sash, and they are in charge of leading your classes.
  • Sigung = Teacher of teachers; Sigung Dave has this title. He is the owner of WKFA and he teaches all of the Sifus Kung Fu.
  • Sibok = Kung Fu Uncle; we have two Siboks at WKFA: Sibok Lloyd and Sibok Eric, who teach our Adult students. This is a title of great respect.
  • Sije = Big Sister; this is the title for our female Brown Sashes.
  • Sihing = Big Brother; our male Brown Sashes have this title.
  • Kung Fu = Hard work over time to acquire a skill
  • Kiai = spirit yell; they can make our technique stronger and more focussed.
  • Kwoon = the bif room where we train our Kung Fu; every time we cross the gateway, we bow to show respect.
  • Shaolin = little forest; it is also the name of a Buddhist temple, from which our style, Shaolin Kung Fu gets its name.
  • Shiai = our yearly tournament at WKFA where you can present your forms and compete in sparring.