The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill

Answers to Sifu Mark’s Quiz

  1. Ferocious Fist; 1a. Sigung Bob, Sibok Lloyd, Sibok Eric
  2. Four Winds
  3. A Tiger and a Dragon Appear
  4. TheTiger teaches us strength.
    The Leopard teaches us power.
    The Snake teaches us suppleness and rhythmic endurance.
    The Crane teaches us grace and fluidic harmony.
    The Dragon teaches us to ride the wind
  5. Shoulder Width
  6. Teacher of Teachers, and Senior Uncle
  7. 20
  8. 17
  9. Heel and it is flexed
  10. Your Solar Plex level
  11. 4
  12. The severity of the self defense response/technique based upon level of attack
  13. General Kwan.
  14. He is the patron saint of martial arts and justice.
  15. They are used in traditional Chinese Lion dances
  16. Skill achieved through hard work and practice
  17. Young or little forest
  18. Broadsword; Staff or Broadsword; Staff