Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg


Instructors have an obligation to know, understand, and teach all requirements for your rank and to deliver it in a well-defined, proven approach intended to keep you moving forward in your training. We also spend a lot of time reviewing previous requirements so that you can improve those techniques. Continuous improvement is a hallmark of Kung Fu education at WKFA! That’s the reason it takes longer to progress to the next rank as you advance in your training. You may be able to attain your Yellow Sash in a few months, but the average time between attaining Brown and testing for Black is about two years; not because of an increased volume of material to learn, but because there is much more material to review and improve. Without exception, the only way to become proficient at Kung Fu is through repetition.

All techniques at all ranks are taught on a regular basis, but if your training is sporadic you, or your child, might be missing important components of the curriculum. Instructors know and teach all curriculum items on a regular basis, but it is impossible to know what elements of the curriculum you are struggling with or haven’t been taught. Beyond the rank of Orange, training a minimum of three times a week is essential to your progress.

Instructors have an obligation to know the curriculum and to teach the curriculum; you have an obligation to learn the curriculum. Knowing, understanding, and becoming competent with your requirements is your responsibility! You should review your requirement sheets regularly and check off the things that you are comfortable with, and ask questions about the things you need to become more proficient with, especially as you start to think about grading. You cannot become proficient with something by simply doing it a couple of times in class.

At the beginning of your journey through each rank you are presented with a checklist of techniques, forms, sequences, etc. that you are required to learn before testing for your next rank. Aside from current requirements you will frequently see a reference to previous requirements, and that you are expected to have improved the execution of those techniques. At WKFA you are not just tested on your current requirements; you are tested on your current requirements along with all your previous requirements. We expect you to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing and improving earlier requirements.

Comments are written down by the grading panel during your grading and you are presented with a copy of your grading comment sheet after the grading. The comment sheet highlights areas of concern that need to be improved. Reading, understanding, and correcting issues highlighted on your comment sheets are your responsibility, and should be given high priority following your grading. Reviewing your comment sheets is an important first step in preparation for your next grading.

The longer you have known a technique, form, or sequence, the higher our expectations are that you can execute it proficiently. So, always remember that learning the new goes hand-in-hand with improving the old.

Congratulations Sifu Harry and Sifu Michael for earning your rank of 1st Degree Black.