Sifu Jeremy Norris

Junior Student’s Corner

by Sifu Jeremy Norris

A new year communicates a fresh start; a way to begin doing things differently. The stress and fatigue over the past two years is more evident than ever before, causing many people to question their priorities in every aspect of their lives.

Within Kung Fu it is important to understand what to prioritize in order stay focused on our goals and our personal journey. So, what is the best path forward and how can Kung Fu students ensure they keep well, despite the many challenges we are living with?

Here are three aspects you can use as a martial artist to ensure you are disciplined and focused on improving:

Prioritize Mental Health

When examining our everyday lives and looking at what role Kung Fu plays, a key aspect of this is mental health. Kung Fu can be seen as that one place we can go to solely focus on only one aspect of our lives. This is a powerful tool, and it is important to understand how to use this to our advantage. When attending a class make sure to use the meditation at the start to act as a time to tune in and focus on only the task at hand. Using Kung Fu as a place of respite, to simply focus on bettering ourselves through martial arts can positively impact our mental health and overall well-being.

Committing and Putting the Time In

To invest time and passion toward improving your Kung Fu is one of the most positive aspects that can impact your overall productivity and well-being. Taking time to do something that you are passionate about can lower stress and contribute to overall greater happiness. While this is evident when we are at the kwoon, it is important to understand the benefits of additional training at home. One way to extend that passion to your at home training could be to work on a form or technique that you love most. Layering in exciting moves with your basics can prove to be a strong tool when looking to improve on your Kung Fu.

Understanding the Benefits of Physical Health

Kung Fu benefits us in many ways, but one of the top impacts that it has on our everyday lives is our physical health. One of the biggest struggles for people is finding the time or right activity to stay active, and for us Kung Fu is that activity. Kung Fu can be interlaced very easily into our everyday tasks to ensure that we are staying physically active outside of the Academy. One example that is used often is to hold a stance while watching TV or reading a book, this simple activity is just one example of how you can use Kung Fu to positively add elements of physical activity into your everyday lives.

Overall, the aspects examined above all have the same goal in mind, to understand how using different elements of Kung Fu to positively impact your overall productivity and well-being.