Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg


Ahh, the elusive black sash, the dream and vision of all new Kung Fu students! During these unusual times, those black sash dreams may have changed but rest assured, it is only a temporary pause. So, take full advantage of the additional time you have to simply focus on your training and improve your skills. We often speak of attaining your black sash as the beginning of a journey and not a destination. What you do after you attain the rank of Black Sash is what truly defines you as a martial artist, but first you have to get there.

If you are thinking about attempting a Black Sash grading here are a few things to consider that will make the journey a more positive experience:

  • Training for a Black Sash grading is a six-month commitment. Aside from your job, school, and family Kung Fu training must become your primary focus.
  • You should be attending at least three classes a week for the first three months and many more for the last three.
  • Use the first three months to ensure you know your requirements. This will allow you train at a higher level of intensity with more confidence in the latter stages of preparation.
  • You must train on your own as well as training in class. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that attending a lot of classes equates to training hard, especially at this level.
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and plan your training strategy accordingly.
  • Be self-critical and self-correcting. Every time an instructor makes a general correction assume they are talking directly to you.
  • WKFA instructors do not compare students to each other, but we must see improvement according to your own skills and abilities.
  • Train like you are training for an Olympic event. Keep your eye on the goal but train smart along the way.
  • Don’t rely on instructors to cater to your training. By now, you know what needs to be done. Do it!

Now is the time to begin training if you have a goal to test for Brown or Black in the spring of 2021. If you fail to prepare; prepare to fail!

Congratulations Sifu Harry and Sifu Michael for earning your rank of 1st Degree Black.