Sifu Michael Prudencio-Brunello

Youth Student’s Corner

by Sifu Michael Prudencio-Brunello

Welcome back everyone! With school over, there is lots of time to relax, enjoy the nice weather, and best of all…more time to practice Kung Fu! When we talk about Kung Fu, many times we think of the physical things, like our punches, kicks, forms, and sequences. Last newsletter, Sifu Sarah went over some great ways to help make practicing these techniques more fun – make sure to read her article, 5 Ways to Make Practicing Kung-Fu Fun, if you haven’t already done so. But there is also a mental part of Kung Fu – we have twelve different themes of the month that show us how Kung Fu students should act all the time! Here are some of these themes and tips on how to practice them. See how many of these practice tips you can do this summer!

1. Community

We each have many different communities to which we belong. We have our Kung Fu community, families, and friends, just to name a few. This summer, make sure you spend time with your different communities! Come on out to your Kung Fu classes, spend time with your family, and hang out with friends. Remember we can be strong on our own, but we are always stronger when we are with others.

2. Mindfulness

At the beginning of every Kung Fu class, we start with some meditation. As we sit and focus on our breathing, it helps us live in the moment and be more present. This is something you can do any time! If you feel overwhelmed or like you’re losing focus, try out a bit of meditation. This is something I always do to help me think better and be happier in the moment. You can even have family or friends join in with you!

3. Spirit

In Kung Fu class, we talk about having strong Kung Fu spirit when you kiai and say “Yes Sifu”! But the Kung Fu spirit can also be used outside of class – it means being excited and engaged in everything you do! Whether it be a fun day with friends or some chores at home, try to bring good spirit into every task, and have a positive attitude – I’m sure that everyone around you will notice and love it!

4. Courage

Whenever we find something difficult or scary, we need to rely on our courage to help us! This summer, try to find something that is difficult or a little scary, and give it a try. Remember that the goal is not being the best at everything you do – it’s most important to try your best and always remember you can try again and improve!

Thanks for reading! Though we only talked about four themes today, there are twelve in total. Do you remember what theme we have for each month?

Test your knowledge and see if you can fill out this crossword puzzle!  (Hint: the WKFA Facebook page is a great place to look if you need a hand!)