Sifu Jeremy Norris

Junior Student’s Corner

by Sifu Jeremy Norris

With the year of 2021 coming to an end, it is understandable to feel a little bit overwhelmed. As martial artists it is our fulfilment to learn from our past experiences and use that to impact our decisions for tomorrow. In many ways setting proper goals with the correct parameters can pave our way to success. Let’s examine 4 key steps to take when setting our Kung Fu goals.

  1. Identify the desired outcome
  2. List potential obstacles
  3. Come up with solutions for these obstacles
  4. Take action

Identifying the desired outcome – The first step to making an achievable goal is to evaluate what you consider to be a success. Ask yourself what are you looking to achieve? And what does the best-case scenario look like? Once identified, these factors can be powerful motivators when it comes to completing your goal.

Let’s relate this to a Kung Fu example; maybe your idea of success is achieving your next rank. It is clear, that in this circumstance, the desired outcome is to be successful at your next grading, but what elements are at play that could affect your success? This is where we look to step number two.

List the obstacles – Next it is important to understand what might be holding you back from achieving this goal, then you can limit the uncertainty by planning how to overcome these roadblocks.

In our example of achieving your next rank, one case of an obstacle that we see often is a lack of motivation to practice your basics. It is crucial to know that it is natural to lose motivation sometimes, but now you must develop a plan to improve your motivation.

Coming up with solutions for obstacles – Now we must look at the identified obstacles and come up with solutions to remove them. This step is not easy, it includes thoughtful planning to come up with successful ways to overcome your obstacles.

Let’s take the obstacle outlined above of not having the motivation to practice your basics. We see many students go through this as it is more exciting to practice the newest techniques and forms that you know. One way we can plan to do this, is to decide that every time you practice a new technique you must start by practicing an old technique. This forces you to practice your basics every time you go to practice your new techniques. This is one way to make a plan to overcome an obstacle.

Take action – Lastly, we find ourselves needing to take action. Up to this point we have identified our goal, listed our roadblocks, and have come up with solutions to those roadblocks. Now we must hold ourselves accountable to these steps and put our plan into action. One way that I like to hold myself accountable is to set reminders to see if I am on track with my goal.

Goal setting isn’t easy, but with a methodical approach you can find the best action plan for yourself to find success, not only as a martial artist but in other facets of your personal life as well. So define your goal, identify obstacles, look for solutions, then put your plan into action.