Sifu Jeremy Norris

Junior Student’s Corner

by Sifu Jeremy Norris

A productive way to achieve your ambitions is to visualize the outcome before it happens. If you can concentrate your willpower on one specific task it will become achievable. In Kung Fu, it is easy to get overwhelmed with number of movements that you are required to learn. Sometimes it seems impossible to learn or complete a specific movement. This is where using visualization as a tool will help you improve.

One way you can use visualization in Kung Fu is using physical visualization, where you visualize yourself performing a specific technique or movement. This is particularly useful for forms. Closing your eyes and taking a moment to visualize yourself doing the movements of the form can drastically change the overall look and feel of the form. By visualizing each step, we can get a better understanding of not only how the form is supposed to look, but how you want the form to look. Physical visualization can also be used to learn difficult techniques. Say you were learning a jump spin inside-crescent kick for the first time, doesn’t sound easy right? But, by simply closing your eyes and visualizing yourself successfully completing the kick, can give you the confidence and power to complete it yourself. Physical visualization can help accomplish tasks that you otherwise may have thought were inconceivable.

The other form of visualization that is relevant to your Kung Fu journey is the power of visualizing your goals. A straightforward way to do this is to simply visualize yourself successfully attaining a goal. I have used this technique throughout my Kung Fu journey before gradings. The morning of a grading I sit down, meditate, and visualize myself going through each part of the grading, and then at the end I visualize myself successfully completing the grading. I take a goal and visualize myself attaining that goal. This applies to both short and long-term goals. Visualizing yourself successfully attaining your goal will help you understand the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Proper visualization allows us to take the unimaginable and make it reality. By incorporating these techniques into your own Kung Fu journey, you will excel at your ambitions in every way, shape, and form. Visualization is not easy and may seem pointless at first, but when used appropriately it will become a powerful tool.