Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg


by Sibok Lloyd Fridenburg

I recently took a trip down memory lane through the pages of old newsletters, meeting minutes, and photos. They provide a window into of the evolution of WKFA. It took a while to research and analyze everything, and I only have first-hand information beginning in 1989, but I was able to glean some interesting facts. Did you know?

  1. Sigung Bob Schneider founded WKFA in 1987 and worked delivering pizza to make ends meet as he was laying the foundation for the school that we have today.
  2. Seven students earned their Black Sash prior to 2000 and four are still actively training and teaching at WKFA:
    • 1995: Sibok Lloyd and Sibok Eric
    • 1999: Sifu Rikin and Sigung Dave
  3. Three students earned their Black Sash prior to 1995:
    • Sifu Scott Weiler was our first Black Sash; he graded in 1992.
    • Sibok Eric and Sibok Lloyd graded for their Blue sash in that same grading. If you think your grading was tough, watch the video of this grading sometime.
    • Then we had Sifu Beverly Burtwell in 1993, and
    • Sifu Ti Seng Lo (who did the frying bacon dance in his grading) in 1994.
  4. Between 1992 and 2020, 56 WKFA students attained the rank of Black Sash. We currently have 29 BS instructors that are still active in the school. Most teach and train regularly.
  5. The last Black Sash meeting conducted by Sifu Bob was held on June 1, 2006. In attendance were Sibok Lloyd, Sifu Judy, Sifu Sydney, Sifu Evan, Sifu George, Sifu Laurie M., Sifu Neel, Sifu Jim, and Sifu Laina. Of those 9 instructors, 3 are still actively involved with WKFA.
  6. The first BS meeting under Sigung Dave was conducted on September 7, 2006. In attendance were Sibok Lloyd, Sifu Jim, Sifu Laina, Sifu Laurie M., Sifu Laurie Skantzos (with a note that she was late 😊), Sifu Sydney, Sifu Ken N., Sifu Evan, Sifu Kevin, Sifu Judy, and Sifu Neel. What a ride it’s been since then.
  7. Did you know that Sifu Bob, Sibok Eric and Sibok Lloyd “starred” in the movie blockbuster, Talons of the Eagle in 1991? Sibok Eric never did get paid for his outstanding performance; perhaps because he threw a heavy bag onto Sifu Bob causing him to whack his head on the cement floor.
  8. You’ve often heard of our association with Grand Master Pan Qing Fu and his profound influence on our school. Did you know that he actually lived with Sifu Bob for two years between 1990 and 1992? What a time that was!
  9. Besides Master Ron Day and Sifu Bob, can you find 6 WKFA Black Sash instructors in this photo?