Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

By Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Sifu’s Corner

Practicing Optimism Despite Challenges

This year I am writing my column ahead of our annual Awards Party, but by the time you read this, the winners and honourable mentions will have been announced – so congratulations to all!

I find myself into my third week of non-operative Achilles tendon rupture healing protocol. On Feb.5, WKFA participated in a friendly group lion dance, tournament and American Ninja Warrior competition with a couple other Kung Fu schools in Kitchener as part of a Chinese New Year celebration. It was a fun day, however, while practicing an obstacle called the “Warp Wall”, I completely tore my Achilles. No doubt it was a powerful reminder on the importance of warming up properly before explosive activities!

So as the year begins, I’m in a cast and unable to drive. It will be a challenging few months, but I am trying to apply February’s theme of optimism. With this temporary change of lifestyle pace, I am looking for the opportunities: more time with family, time to read and meditate, a chance to focus on upper body strength and catch up on a lot of the office administration involved in running the Academy. With the assistance of the Black Sash Team and LT Members, I will keep teaching classes to the best of my ability. I already find it’s been giving me a fresh perspective on something I’ve been doing for 18 years.

What’s Been Happening at WKFA?

Our Lion Dance team had another busy winter, which saw us perform at a dozen events in Jan/Feb alone! It has been very nice to have Sifu Sarah back with the team until her studies in Kingston resume this Fall.

Sifus Cory, Greg, Lorna and Mark are coaching our Competition Team, which commenced on Feb.1. Regardless of whether you’re on the team or not, there are three great tournaments this year: CKKA in Kingston on April 1st, our 20th Annual In-House Tournament (Shiai) on April 29th and the 40th Annual Karate/Kung Fu Maynia on May 6th at the Northfield Racquet Club.

Once again we will be hosting our popular Five-Animal March Break Camp. Sifu Anne will be conducting some FREE special classes for our teenage students over March Break too – please sign-up in the Weight Room if interested.

Grading dates are set from now until the end of June. Youth and Juniors have opportunities to test on March 25 and June 17. Congratulations to our adults that successfully tested on Feb.4! We have another planned for June 10 (Intermediate/Novice II). On May 13th we have a record number of candidates attempting to achieve Brown and Black sash!

I would like to thank everyone that gave some thought to referring friends and family to the Academy this year! Some great people joined the Academy as of late, so to those of you that are new to the school, a warm welcome! Remember that the free one-month gift certificates we handed out at the end of 2016 are valid until the end of this March.