Sigung David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Sigung’s Corner

On May 11th, Charlie, Max, Michael and Philip became Sifus. These gentlemen put in a very solid effort during their grading, which was clearly the result of diligent time and effort preparing. The Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy’s path to the Instructor level is relatively long and arduous, but I believe our process develops strong martial artists that demonstrate equally strong character. We also welcomed four new Browns: Sije Renée and Sihings Addy, Bala and Christophe (ABC 😊) and three new Blues: Emilie, Joseph and Laura. Congratulations to everyone!

The same day, we introduced a new title to our Academy: Sibok. This was given to Sifus Eric and Lloyd, who earned their Black Sashes on April 23, 1995. They were trusted advisors to my teacher and have mentored me through my own Kung Fu journey. Their positive impact on the culture and curriculum of our Academy cannot be overstated; a lifetime of consistent dedication to the art makes the title of Sibok most appropriate.

After many months of planning and hard work, the CKKA Weekend has come and gone. Follow this link for a great recap and photos! With WKFA being the host school this year, I would like to pass on a huge thanks to the many volunteers that stepped up to make it run so successfully. Much gratitude to Lee Deline; he put his heart and soul into being the driving force behind the event and was a positive and effective team player every step of the way!

Thank you Sifus Adam, Cory, Greg, Lorna and Mark who once again guided our Competition Team through another great season with skill and enthusiasm! Our competitors put in great showings at the CKKA event, Karate Maynia and our 22nd Annual In-House Shiai (huge thanks to all the volunteers that made the Shiai a resounding success!).

Congratulations to the 44 students that achieved new ranks at our double grading on May 25th! Although we run classes through July and August, there are no gradings, so the next one is Sept.14. The final grading before the summer is our Adult Novice II’s on June 15th.

Thank you Sifu Lorna who conducted the Phoenix Song Fan Seminar on May 26th. This was quickest I remember any seminar filling up! Due to the popularity, we added a second date on June 23rd. Participants loved the experience and sign-up for the next one is filling up fast!

Speaking of seminars, Sifus Daryl and Jeremy will be leading our always popular Annual Board and Cement Breaking Seminar on June 18th. Sifu Anne is also conducting some special classes on June 9th and 23rd for our 11-17 age group (see our web calendar plus posters for more detail).

Parents, this summer, consider enrolling your children in one of our camps. Our Little Ninja/Youth Camp is July 15 -19 and the Juniors are Aug 19-23. Signup sheets are in the lobby.

Later in the summer, we will be once again supporting the Hold the Line festival and holding our annual family Summer Picnic on Sept.8 at Kiwanis Park.