Sifu Jeremy Norris

Junior Student’s Corner

by Sifu Jeremy Norris With the warm weather approaching this is easily one of the most exciting times for us as martial artists. Warm weather means getting to train outside, not having to worry about space, and my favourite…getting to train weapons without the limitations of space. As we prepare for the warm weather, I wanted to gather some of my favourite training ideas and tips for the summer.

1. Moving Drills

When training indoors, there are only so many techniques we can train. Yes, this past year has challenged us in many ways to be able to come up with new methods of training Kung Fu from our households. Although now, with the opportunity to train outside, we can take advantage of the space, and practice things that are not so easily done inside. One of these techniques is moving drills. It is often hard to comfortably fit moving drills into a tight space. What I like to do in the summer is create moving drills that incorporate bigger movements and stances that you cannot complete inside.

A technique I use to create these drills is picking sections from forms and incorporating them into other movements. Here is one to try for yourself: Take the last two moves of the Two Door form (elbow into a backfist), then step up into a side stance and throw a lead leg side kick, once landed reset the drill by trying it to the opposite side and advancing forward. This simple technique can be used in various ways, have fun with it! And most importantly get creative!

2. Weapon Forms and Techniques

As mentioned above one of my favourite aspects of training outside is the ability to train with weapons. Especially if you are new to the weapon. This is specifically the case for training long weapons. I encourage you to train some weapons outside in a safe area, to get a better feel of the full extension of your weapon. One technique I like to use, is training not only the weapon form, but trying to complete other open-handed forms using a weapon. Doing this allows you to understand how to strike and move in different ways with your weapon.

3. Fun Outdoor Training Activities

Lastly, I would like to provide you with a list of other fun, outside specific activities you can try this summer:

  • Water cup stance sequence: Try completing the stance sequence with a cup of water balanced on your head.
  • Water bucket horse stance: Go into a horse stance with your arms out holding buckets of water in each hand. As your strength increases, use a larger bucket and more water.
  • Squats with a water balloon: Hold a water balloon on the way down and throw the balloon in the air on the way up, catch it and continue this motion until it breaks.

I hope these training ideas inspire you to get outside and train your Kung Fu! Remember when training outside make sure to choose a safe space with no harmful obstacles, and wear appropriate shoes.