Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

By Sifu David Moylan, Owner, Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Sifu’s Corner

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the eight successful students that tested on May 12th in our annual Advanced Grading. Our Academy has three new Sihings (D’Arcy, Erich and Laurent), two new Sijes (Carey and Chloe) and three new Sifus (Antonia, Harry and Sneha). They put in a tremendous performance on the 12th, which was clearly the result of diligent and methodical preparation. Each of them proved they are deserving of their new ranks (and titles!). I hope the student body is as excited as I am to see these individuals assisting with and leading classes in their new roles!

This lovely weather as of late makes it more believable that summer is on the way! We do close for all long weekends and for one week in July (this year is July 23 – 29th). However, our Academy continues to hold regular classes throughout the summer and we even add a few extra opportunities. The summer is an excellent time to build strength, skill and flexibility. Set a plan for balancing relaxation with good training habits.

We’ve had an overwhelming response for our annual Board & Cement Breaking Seminar on June 19th. Spectators are welcome.

Last year, our Summer Camps were very popular. We have sign-up sheets up in the lobby. The half day camp for 4-10 year olds is from July 16 – 20. Non-training students are welcome to attend this camp. Our camp for 11-15 year olds is from Aug 20 – 24.

Our Lion Dance Team will be practicing and performing throughout the summer, including several weddings. Our Demonstration Team will be at the Health and Wellness Expo in Waterloo on June 16th and we are supporting Hold the Line Cycling and Folk Music Festival on September 8th.

Mark your calendars for our annual Summer Picnic the afternoon of Saturday, August 25th at Waterloo Park. There has been some discussion of planning an Academy baseball game. Last year was a blast, so let’s hope for some more great weather! Keep watching our website and online calendar for any special events.

I wish the best to everyone trying for a new rank at our final gradings until the Fall. Youth/Juniors are grading at 10:30am and 1:30pm (depending on rank) on June 9th. We will also have an Adult Novice II/Intermediate Grading on June 16th at 12:30pm. I hope that the new Advanced students inspire you to prepare accordingly! Summer on!

Photograph of WKFA's Founder, Sigung Bob Schneider (1951-2006).

WKFA’s Founder, Sigung Bob Schneider

As we approach the summer solstice we always take a moment to remember our founder, teacher, mentor, and friend Sigung Bob Schneider.